Hip Hop Abs and Legs with Selena

Selena Gomez has an awesome body, but her lifestyle is seriously infuriating. She is able to keep her incredible figure by eating a ton of junk food (she even got hospitalized in 2012 for poor nutrition) and dancing. Unfair. She is known to frequent Pop Physique, which is a dance/fitness studio near here home in LA. The workout is a mix of Pilates, ballet and some light weight work, mixed with various core shaping stretches and a series of strengthening isometrics But, luckily for us mere mortals, dancing is a super fun and affective way to burn calories and build muscles while sculpting you body to look lean and toned. I've attached a killer abs workout centered around hip hop moves as well as a small sample of a 90s hip hop through back routine :)

Pilates, food, and fun.
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