"See I'm suppressed" fan cred for title: @timeturnerjones

See I'm suppressed I shouldn't be saying that I'm 17 I should be out there doing my thing and living my dream but I'm distracted by all of the slithering skeems trying to demean what I think with negativity geese I can't listen to this shit no more I can't be a robot and just go with the flow I have to go farther than the ropes show where don't know because they're all too slow. Gah dont even get me started college and a job man that shits retarted You can all have your 9 to 5 but it think I'll take this mg out for a ride Its a beautiful summer day you know the type where you sit out and stare at the waves think about oppurtunities that died and caved or even the ones that still haven't made it and I know that you want to be Cinderella baby but this world's got you looking like cruela going crazy you don't have to lie to kick it really just be honest You're not the only one on this roller coaster we're all on it.

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