GE Good Ending Ch 148 Raw Spoiler

The chapter started off with the girls taking a bath and the kouhai kid tried to take a peak but ended up got scolded by his senpai. They went to sleep but one of the girls came knocking on Utsumi's room saying Yuki is missing. Utsumi ran out like a madman despite his friend telling him not to go alone. Utsumi felt overwhelmed with emotions praying nothing bad happen to Yuki. He started crying and wonder why he felt so uneasy. It seems he's starting to realize that he still has feelings toward Yuki after all. Then Yuki appeared. Apparently she went to beach to make a phone call since there's no signal in the mountain. Yuki told him she called Tohru to clear up everything. Yuki told Utsumi: "Thinking that you'll be there for me gave me courage. So thank you." Utsumi: "Yuki, I'm sorry. I still love you after all." Utsumi said he could not go on like this even though he has Shou by his side and Yuki is also going through difficult time. He doesn't know what he should do and he's the worst kind of guy. "But sorry, I still love you after all. I'm sorry." Utsumi confessed while crying. (Finally! The return of Utsumi x Yuki) Yuki didn't say anything, just smiled and took his hand. They walked back to the camp together hand in hand. Two days later, Ryo contacted Utsumi about Yuki's disappearance. Did she get kidnapped by Tohru or something?!?! This manga is turning dark. I have a feeling that Tohru is a real psycho here >__< Ch 149 will be released on Nov 11th. Hopefully the raw will be out soon! Here's the raw for ch 148

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