1-3. Rest of the first day in ISTANBUL

1. a guy on the street who told me 'take my picture' first. i think he felt i was a traveler of course haha:) 2-4. outside restaurant nearby Bosphorus. it was the first restaurant of Turkey for me. i ordered something with chicken. tasted good ! 5-7. i got the ship of Bosphorus tour. i think it's a special beauty of Turkey where we can see the sea and feel the wind right before a city. 8-9. The cutest baby i've ever seen!!!! so beautiful, pretty and cute that i can not help keeping say hi to him. Finally i got a smile from him. so fun! 10. night comes up, a little tired day, but alcohol is absolutely with my life..( i am not addicted... just for stress out!! haha) I just drank a can of beer simply. cuz it's first day, which means i have lots of time to be drunken....haha! Anyway, EFES,the turkey beer, was so good. i still drinks this beer in my country whenever i got to pub! This was a whole about the first day. memorable. unforgettable.

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