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A dynamic Hello 🙋🙋 #Auntie #EMO #TheDemandofLuxuriousFood #CoexArtium ________________________________ Cosplaying ‘Dokgodongbaek’ from <Flower Family>. In order to find the clothes my stylist ran around the entire day. Kkyu~ #FlowerFamily #Dokgodongbaek Next time should I try doing the hairstyle of ‘Wangjarim’ from <Love Revolution> #LoveRevolution #Wangjarim ________________________________ Has you all the way!! [Meow meow] [meow meow] !! When [] [] if this goes well, i will go to China!! eumhahahaha!! [] [] [] [] [Sinister] [sinister] [sinister] [sinister] the @ Zhejiang satellite TV has you all the way ________________________________ [We have been]Non-stop filming since dawn. At this point, we are heading my hometown! I love you Kimheechul!![meow meow][meow meow][meow meow][meow meow@With You along The Way ________________________________ Here is the way we have your dinner spot! They liked me, and I feel good! Sure enough, I told the Chinese destined, I love China, and he likes me. In fact, here are my 20 years old work place! ^^ I'm a little drunk. Thank you! [Meow] [meow] [meow] [meow] ________________________________ When I was 20 years old.. In 2002 before World Cup, way before I became a celebrity, I did part-time at this meat restaurant. I met them again thanks to today’s filming, and many things changed for the better. What I remember is the lady boss saying to us “it’s tiring at this young age right?” and the warmth when she said that she would take care of us more.. Now that I think about it there were so many good people around me. In future I will also not get into trouble and live giving everyone joy^-^ #Yangjimal ________________________________ Special item #IshouldgivethisasKanginiesbirthdaypresentright #Hongcheonfrozenriverfestival ________________________________ Having you all the way. Today, I finally made the appearance!! Seeing them makes one feels like getting married too!! These three happy couples and I spent such a wonderful trip together (' ㅇ ')/ Enjoy it thoroughly~ I really am a genius!! 캬캬캬캬!! [Meow] [Meow] [Meow] [Meow] ________________________________ Thing is good? Yeah, because I have nowhere to ask here as well 🙆🙆 ha ... Saturday night inde anhamyeon tell themselves that also meet a woman and no annoying ..😭😭 guild halrago learn there, "said Heechul than this by the manager or the good. Heechul said that Carrick include Sen's hard to get into the guild ^ -? ^ "😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳" mine that being so rubbish "," haha .. Senna hero Goku and also the material sseusyeotneyo ... follicles. This is really a tough draw Carrick inde follicles me too .... yeah .... risyeot "follicular ?! Somehow likeness follicles and strong! The rest of the river gingsseu ~ Happy Birthday (> _ <) / I 'Three Kingdoms' haeteum like to tour in !! 🌻🌻 About Women magazine, Seven Knights Guild introduction or something .... # # # Haruka dad a happy birthday Kangin ________________________________ As I was concentrating on my phone with a serius expression, the one beside me said ''Hyung. What's the matter?'' So I said ''Nothing. I'm reading replies'' and with his shocked expression said ''hyung doesn't ussually read replies?! What's the matter?!'', '' These are important comments. Hmm..'' I replied as I was talking to myself them when I turned my head and I said it really clearly. This guy dongsaeng's expression...Doing this kind of expression.. ''What is this crazy guy talking about''. #Iknowyouguysamelikethistoo #Iknoweverything #Kanginahwhosebirthdayhaspassedhappybirthday #Donghaeyawhosebirthdayisstillcominghappybirthday ________________________________ Translation Credit: www.flitto.com www.heechultunisia.wordpress.com/tag/kim-heechul-instagram-translation/

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