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An endorsement photo. If I look at this, I used to take endorsement photos like this in the past with always this type of feel..💇💇💇💇 #endorsementphoto #somanypointstowatch ________________________________ With very little in the house because plenty schedules inability to roll these days. So what this game is to find a new friend ... the meantime, the only game he did not know anything was just jilreodae. This can be considered like a Super Junior ELF stage while rooting method is similar to what feels wrong impression screaming. Do not read from the manual huinim unchanging thing when I was a kid. For! Strategy! I have! Sense! The skill of recipes from ramping up being he did become good phone games these days. Long time ago, there was only about a loss GoStop # # # Seven Nights In five hundred and nine Linde roll Sena Good In her # # Find new friends fast, do not read the god of rain yungsin metaphor # # Bath ________________________________ 11pm, wed <in style for you> with jun hyunmoo and a rich madam. Madam is the upgraded version of auntie #myb** #illcutmyhairwhenitreachesmyshoulder ________________________________ Recording with Kim Jungmo and I saw Jonghyunie getting number 1. Congrats, Jonghyun who saves the stage deliciously. Oh! Oh! Serious man! There is you in the photo, Jonghyunie. Noona is really pretty so it’s Jonghyunie. Dropping till he might break, transparent Jonghyunie. But why is it Lovelyz album in my hands.. And though you might know from looking at Kim Jungmo’s hands.. Actually our conversation went like this. “Oh Jonghyunie got first place” << Congratulating for about 1 second. After that.. “Are those G-Friend?”, “Oh oh! Right! Popular popular G-Friend! I really like that song Glass Slipper!!”, “Wasn’t it Glass Bead?”, “Ah.. Glass Slipper is the name of my fansiteㅋㅋㅋㅋ” Anyway we turned on the tv to see Jonghyunie getting number 1 but ended up looking at G-Friend. #Hugebenefits #MnD #G-Friend We will start working hard at recording again.. #JonghyunielookedatmyhairandsaidIlooklikethatperson #HowshouldIscoldthatkiddinosaur ________________________________ see you all on this sunday’s <inkigayo> 800th episode special :D :D now i am fretting big time as to whether i should cut my hair or not because lf jonghyun. Jonghyun seems to have wrote a few times about changing my hair style. But hyung looks like transparent glass bead but i will not be broken easily jonghyun ah. And hyung has heard your song ‘crazy’ so many times. I’ll show you what real crazy isnon sunday ________________________________ This is not a drawing.Because of SHINee’s vocals’ Jonghyun’s one-liner to around 100 people yesterday, Hyung . you really sound like (that person) ㅋㅋㅋㅋ” I got lots of words of encouragement like “oppa ㅋㅋㅋㅋ it’s so funny”,”how can you ride an airplane now ㅋㅋㅋㅋ” ect. And this phito is called <Traces of me who left my side> me who has never listened to my fans, even Gunhee, even my mother all this time.. but a strange thing has happened. I got a shock from sharp-eyed Jonghyunie and the people around who often watches the news. i hope everyone too will often watches the news and be more interested in the darker aspects of society and our history which we can never forget, all these things that would make us know what direction is our republic of korea going now #jonghyunahyouhaveoneday #doyouprerecordingtomorrowandcometoinsid­eheenimsheart #pleasetranslatewhtthismeans I will die my hair too #crooked ________________________________ Yah is what i’m doing correct? i also did this with Taemin’s.. these days they have text votings too. Kya~ During that time we don’t have something like this.. Is it probably an advance in science…. 󾰮󾰮 #sciencebox #lego #itempool #strongenglish #teacheryoonsungsaengsphonics #mathgenius #0505Jonghyun Text message says: It’s Jonghyun. SHINee’s Kim Jonghyun. ________________________________ You just need to send just ‘Jonghyun’. I’m going to kindly explain it for those people who do not know. Because I can’t watch TV right now The emoticon can jut do right? Of coure Of coure. Minho is the MC so i won’t be that unheartless. Instead I’m gonna make this cute and might even do 100 votes #0505Jonghyun #letsnotdothiskindofthingsoften_ourfanshappent10yearswithusbutdidntknowaboutthingslikethis ________________________________ Tao who is kind and friendly. On The Road With You today too!! #TheRoadWithYou# ________________________________ ah i’m sleepy.. Do you gonna see me as Inkigayo MC soon.. #somanykidswhodrawswellamongmyfans ________________________________ Translation Credit: www.flitto.com www.heechultunisia.wordpress.com/tag/kim-heechul-instagram-translation/

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