Gamer Life

You Get home from school or work Youre frustrated because your boss is a jerk Or your teacher gave you an evil smirk Because they just want to see you hurt Makes you feel like you want to fight Taking names and knocking out lights Without even thinking about it twice People use you because you try to be nice It pushes you overboard, screaming oh my Lord, makes you want to draw out a Sharpened sword and slice through all the Tension while verbally you still mention all the crap that happen today to your friends or even your mate, but wait there's a game With you name written on it, your favorite To play while extracting rage from the body And the soul within, Using multiplayer as Your stress relief with a side of comfort Food you eat, you're killing enemy players And scoring points, but forgot the points Because you're on a high, planes and bombs Rain in from the sky, the killstreak is on Fire, entirely the team is proud to be with You as the leader of the match, your skill Level has hit a point you've never seen, like It was all just a dream, 2 hours have passed As the frustration faded away, you did it Right by exiting from your daily life and Entering into the gamer life

A college student with the idea of spreading love and peace throughout the context of words.
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