Iconic Kisses: James McAvoy in Penelope!!

Where: Penelope, with James McAvoy playing Johnny and Christina Ricci as Penelope! Why it's so great: Because it's so cute, and James McAvoy is SO good at spontaneous kissing! Be it here or in Atonement (I'll have to make a card for that one soon....) these kiss are too great, and too believable! Also, I love that she has just called him shit and he pulls her back, clearly relieved to be with her! How to get your own: Well, that I cant' really tell you. This kiss is a blend of passion and romance, them being and love but also kind of angry (?) at each other. I don't encourage you to fight, but don't be afraid to just reach for the one you know you're meant to be with, and hope you get something this great in return :)

Cute animals, cute cupcakes, and cute hair are all I need for a happy day!
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