Socks Can Save Your Feet!

Silly (or, I guess, obvious) as it may seem, you need to really carefully consider what socks you wear when heading out on a hike. This is a great intro video to choosing good socks (HINT: choose wool!) that will help you prevent blisters, hot spots, and other problems simply by wearing a better sock. - Cotton: Avoid it! It holds in water, and will lead to wet feet, which can lead to blistering or hot spots. - Merino wool: Great option! Manages moisture, temperature and smell really well. - Synthetic: No wool fiber in it (good for those allergic or averse to wool) While type of material is really important, you'll also want to choose a sock with the right structure: aka extra padding in some areas that will help the sock stay in place! Watch the video for more tips :)

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