Tablescape Hack: Get This For Under $40

And how absolutely fabulous is this tablescape! Divine my darlings! Achieve this for under $40. If you don't have access to the ports or districts of NYC, Miami, or NYC, then you may have to hit Ikea. Since I can't be everywhere and know everything, (rolls eyes...), I am going to have to trust that you can find places to scour for good deals on glassware and such. When a pro does it: Rented glass vases: $35 ea. (I count four. Do the math) Florals: $260 (long stem callas) Linen: $100 (tablecloth, runner and napkins) Candles: $40 Total = $540 per table When you do it: Ikea glass vases: $32 ea. (keep them or sell them) Florals: $34 (for six long stem fresh callas) Linen: Free (when you go with a hotel white) Ikea tealights: $1 (for 10) Ikea candle holders: $2.5 (for 10) Total = $165.50 per table* *If you're super resourceful, you can sell all the glass vases and candle holders for what you paid, making them FREE, which means your total cost for this look is $35.50! TOTAL SAVINGS: $504.50 per table (or $5,040 for 10 tables). If you have a picture of something you'd like to duplicate on a HACK BUDGET, then send it to me so we can find creative ways to get you what you want! Callas available through Products from Ikea

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