Tesla P85D Insane Mode Launch Reactions

The Tesla P85D has 692hp, the same as a Lamborghini Aventador. It also has 687 lb/ft of torque and goes from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. The only downside to having an electric car is that the battery is severely limited at higher speeds, and the P85D's top speed is 155 mph. However, there is no place in the US you can even go that fast on open roads so that isn't much of a problem. The car itself costs between $105,000, but for that price you can't really beat it. Even better, it costs $1.08 to drive 25 miles and an average of $650 a year in fuel cost (~15,000 miles). I mean really, wouldn't you love to save on gas, save the environment, and be able to beat a McLaren off the line with a $100k car?

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