'Merlin': Ten teasers about 'The Disir'

Could Arthur finally be about to embrace magic? The noble king (played by Bradley James) is faced with a difficult decision in this week's instalment of Merlin - accept the "old ways" or lose his newest knight Mordred (Alexander Vlahos), who's been mortally wounded by a magical cult... Will Merlin (Colin Morgan) help his friend to save his "brother-in-arms" or will he allow his fellow sorcerer to die for the sake of Camelot? With time running out, both the young warlock and his king must make a choice - one that could save Albion or see the dream come tumbling down in ruins... 1. Merlin is forced to speak nine words we never thought we'd hear him utter. 2. "The fate of Arthur Pendragon is in your hands now..." 3. It's another week off for Morgana - Katie McGrath's saucy sorceress is absent from 'The Disir'. 4. "You have waged war on the people of the old religion - now the ancient gods answer you." 5. Is the Merlin / Arthur bromance in danger of becoming a man-love triangle? 6. "More and more, I find your face resembles the back-end of a cat." 7. Why would a vengeful sorcerer pass up the chance to kill Arthur? 8. "Of all the ridiculous things you've ever said, Merlin... that's the most ridiculous. By far." 9. Gaius (Richard Wilson) confronts Merlin with some difficult truths. 10. "Even as Camelot flowers, the seeds of her destruction are being sown."

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