Just do it

Have you ever felt that you are living in slow motion? Have you ever felt that your body does not belong to you? Have you ever felt that your brain is faster than life and time? Have you ever seen the light coming from your fingerprints? Have you ever kissed a girl with pure love? Have you ever cried in your lovely parent's funeral? Feelings and emotions; goals for living. How much can we taste in this short life? Enough to satisfy or enough to want more? How much different feelings or emotions can we taste? If we can find the love after 30, guess how much we missed in our lives. Why can't we be free to live our feelings? This society, these cultures, these rules... This body is created to taste all the beauties of this wonderful unique world. Every moment we are missing more. There is no guarantee how long we will live. So, we need to live as if we will die tomorrow. Now, anyone who is still reading this letters, please now do the first thing that you can do right now and that will make you happy. This can be opening the window and taking a deep breath, or sending three words to your lover. And continue making plans just to be happy. Don't wait for paragliding untill 45. Don't wait to drink one more cup of coffee. Don't wait to help people, animals and nature. Don't wait to go out and walk. Don't wait to say I love you.

I hope my existence means something to someone...
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