Towers by Ben Marcin

Stripped down, graphic interpretations of vertical living, Ben Marcin's architectural photography is really very striking. Ben's interesting perspective of high-rise apartment buildings and skyscrapers is really quite intriguing. Removing earthly elements such as a sky, clouds, and surrounding environment allows Ben to isolate these buildings. The isolation allows us to reflect on their structure, oddly symbolic of human creation. Here is some insight on Ben's shooting process and thinking on his project: " tried to capture not only the architectural beauty of these structures but also their eerie impersonality when looked at from a certain vantage point, like honeycombs with their relentless patterns of steel and windows. I climbed to the tops of parking garages or walked out onto elevated freeways to position myself for many of these photographs. At other times, I was able to establish a vantage point up to half a mile away although I don’t normally have that kind of space to work with. I deliberately removed any traces of sky to emphasize the solitude of these buildings. In contrast to the isolated rural homes and city row houses that I often photograph – where personality and individualism predominate – the urban towers exist at a kind of emotionless macro level, exuding a sense of awe; a world where hundreds, if not thousands, of people work and live."

My name is Kevin. I love art a little too much. I'm a freelance photographer but in my off time I'm usually on here talking about art!
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