Bronze Nuptial Glow Makeup Idea

In as much as brides are looking for the perfect dress, the perfect wedding day makeup is equally as important. This pop of shimmer look comes from makeup artist, Ely Marino. Her tutorials are simple and fun: 1. Start by applying "Birch" (mavens palette) on the brow bone 2. Taking "Native" apply to the outer corner of the eye, sweeping the color in to the crease 3. Taking "Truffle" (mavens palette) apply right over top the color we previously put down, staying mostly in the crease and outer corner of the eye 4. Apply "Elle" paint pot in patting motions on the first half of the lid 5. Taking "Allure" paint pot apply on the inner half of the eye and in the tear duct 6. Using "Truffle" apply underneath the lower lash line, followed by "Elle" 7. Taking little black dress line the water line 8. Apply your winged liner (as desired) using little black dress gel liner. Lashes: Dose of Colors "Double dose" All makeup Motives unless otherwise stated.

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