Expert Brows for Your Wedding or Selfie

You know the drill. There is nothing more heart-wrenching than spending all your time on perfecting your eyes and blushing correctly, only to discover that your brows are a mess! Expert and makeup artist, Ely Marino shares her easy guide to getting your brows done in a snap: 1. Start by taking the spoolie side of the double sided brush #12 and comb through the brow hairs 2. Taking Dip brow in "Ebony" with the same brush, line the bottom of the brow following your own natural shape 3. For a more defined brow, line the top of the brow 4. Fill in the empty space with light strokes and in the direction of the hair, stopping about three quarters of the way in 5. Brush the remaining product (on the brush) to the front part of the brow 6. Taking the spoolie side of the brush, comb the product through the brow for a more even distribution 7. To clean up the brows use concealer (I used 2.0) with #18 brush under and on top of the brow 8. Use a brow gel to set the hairs in place (I used Espresso brow gel) Note: For those of you with fuller brows you can also use this just with a lighter hand and maybe just fill in sparse areas. ✨ Lashes: House of Lashes "Iconic" All makeup Anastasia Beverly Hills unless otherwise stated.

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