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Picture 1: Don't Lose the Remote You'll need: a throw pillow with a removable cover, the pocket from a pair of jeans (men's work best size-wise), and fusible webbing (found at fabric stores). Cut the whole pocket out of the pants. Sandwich the webbing between the cover and back of pocket edges; iron layers together. Put the cover back on and you are good to go for your show! Picture 2: Give Delicates Special Treatment Give lingerie a hamper that befits its beauty — and separates delicates from the rest of the laundry. Gather a pretty patterned pillowcase, an embroidery hoop (we used a 12-inch ring), and 10 inches of ribbon to hang. Clamp the case into the hoop, tie on a loop of ribbon to the hoop's clamp, and hang near where you disrobe. Picture 3: Handy Pen Holder Give your writing utensil a real home with a salvaged mint tin turned handy holder. Find a flip-top–style tin, patterned paper, scissors, tape, craft glue, and a magnet. Carefully remove the tin's top, then cut paper to fit the tin, taping it on in back. To finish, glue magnet to the back. Picture 4: Skateboard Shelf If your would-be Tony Hawk has outgrown his old skateboard, turn it into a clever shelf. Remove the wheels from the deck with a screwdriver. Buy shelf clips at a hardware store or site (the ones here hold a 3/8- to 1/2-inch-thick shelf and include adhesive strips to secure the board; from, $18 a pair). Mount clips to the wall using anchors strong enough to support the board and whatever will be displayed. Slip the board into the clips; stick it to double-sided adhesive strips. Let your son arrange his stuff so it'll catch some air. Picture 5: Picture Frame Catchall Reclaim a forgotten frame as a tray for baubles and bottles. Gather pretty printed fabric, cardboard, scissors, masking tape, four inexpensive half-inch beads to match your frame, and a hot-glue gun. Remove the glass from the frame; trace glass onto cardboard; cut to fit. Snip out a slightly larger piece of fabric. Cover cardboard with cloth, taping excess tautly to the back. Reassemble the frame (if needed, gently pry or cut off the attached easel back). To create feet, glue beads to the bottom. Picture 6: Keep Keys Handy Attach hooks to a picture frame to keep keys centralized. Choose a sturdy wooden frame, plus a few small cup hooks from the hardware store. Push your cup hooks into the frame (on the side opposite the frame's hanging hardware), and twist until they're secure, making sure the hooks face forward. (If you're having trouble or if your frame is delicate, drill a hole slightly smaller than your hook — a 1/16-inch drill bit should do the trick.) Pop a photo into the frame, and hang near the doorway. Before you throw your unused things away, hold on a second!!!

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