Mobile device giants changing positions

The greatest thing about an open market is that a company can never get too comfortable. Apple was rumored to be on the downward trend unless it innovated a way to expand its product line, and its user base. Samsung was considered to be a strong competitor to Apple because of the surge of Android devices. Xiaomi was considered too small a threat to either giant. Lets see how it looks now: 1) Apple just posted the largest ever profit in a quarter for any company. 2) LG just posted a profit larger than expected 3) Samsung annual profit in 3 three years 4) Xiaomi has become the most successful "startup" ever 5) Chinese market ("the new frontier") has made Apple #1, Xiaomi #2, and a distant 3rd Samsung. While there are rumors that the newest Samsung flagship, the Galaxy 6, is going to be revolutionary, Samsung executives are reporting that a decreasing profit margin should be expected. So what will we seen in the next couple of years? Is it possible to think that Xiaomi will overtake the Korean giant as Apple's main competitor? Or will it be another secret competitor?

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