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(Father & son riding along and both are singing the song , "singing in the field of reeds , you sad litte cuckoo bird , my pure , strawberry love" Son : Father , What's Pure Love Father : It's love that is pure Son : What does that mean Father : Well , ummm , It is when you love one person for rest of your life. Son: Then , Why is that like Strawberries Father (now confused , angry) : Just sing the damn song ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The movie starts with a girl in red shoes , with red school bag and yellow rain suit going to school. Suddenly you ask yourself , it is not raining then why the girl is wearing the rain suit. In the way , the boy who was previously singing the 'my pure , strawberry love' song sitting in the bicycle sees her and though subtiltles were silent on this , it was a start of great love story. In her first day at school ,the girl, Ari, claims she has a curse and that bad things will happen to anyone who touches her. Hence she was wearing the rain suit to prevent the curse from spreading. The boy , Jo-Kang, became firnd with her. One day when her pet lizard disappers in the mud water , boy keep seraching for it in that mud. After that, they sat in cold under her yellow rain suit and next day JO-kang had measles. Ari mysteriously disappears the next day. Ten years later she reappears just as mysteriously in Jo-Kang's life. They start from where they had left and a teenage love story begins. When jo-kang asked her what she wants to do in the next ten years. She says she will be married to a banker. When he asks , 'Why a banker' , she answers 'so that they can rob a bank to buy a russian spaceship to get away from this planet as she doesn't belong here.When once she tells that she would love to eat Shshi , Jo-kang hitch-hikes to city at night and by morning he brings her a sumptuous sushi. They kiss for first time and next day Jo-Kang gets flu. Ari blames herself for the same and again disapppers from his life. Eight more years pass, and Jo-Kang is still haunted by her memory. Ari walks right back into his life in the bank where he works. She still speaks of aliens, spaceships, and curses, just as she did before. Then she reveals that next day she is going to USA. It devastates Jo-Kang. But next day, he accompanies her to the airport . Jo-Kang will soon learn that the truth is far more tragic than he might imagine. The movie moves ahead to show that Ari has AIDS which she got in childhood during blood tranfusion after a tragic accident which killed her parents. At last Jo-kang traces Ari back to a hospital . In the desperate effort , he went and starts designing a crop circle in field so that aliens can come and heal Ari. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I really love this movie. Specially the leading man when he is teenage but I like Song Joong ki more >:D

Loves kdramas, anime and mangas/manhwas. I hate sad endings and only love happy endings. I love to eat sweets and spicy ones.. pyeon~ <(*-*<)
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