Pre-Order the Amiibos for Mario Party 10 Before It's Too Late!

If you are a Nintendo fan you might want to think about pre-ordering some amiibo characters as they have been selling out and are hard to find! The first round of production of amiibo figures were modeled after the characters from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Once people caught wind that the first round of production of these characters were selling out and low on stock people bought them up quickly. Now the second round of production is based off of the characters from Mario Party 10 and it is about to start selling so you might want to think about ordering them before they are no where to be found! If you are unfamiliar with amiibos, they are just like any other Nintendo figurines except the toys interact with games on the Wii U and the 3DS. So how exactly do they interact with the games? Well, the amiibos for Super Smash Bros, when touched to a controller, would spawn that amiibo character in game. You could watch it battle, have it fight a friends amiibo, battle against it yourself, or even have it help you defeat your friend in a game. It doesn't stop there, your amiibo also has it's own unique stats and level in Super Smash, as you play with it it levels up and becomes stronger! So if you are a fan of Mario Party, or just looking to have a cool figurine, then check these out! I have added the amazon link to them if you want to get some! :)

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