Stop Buying Gatorade For Exercising - Make Your Own!

There are a number of people who would prefer to make their own food and beverage for their running or cycling needs. People always seem to buy gatorades because it does a good job at keeping you hydrated, but there is a lot wrong with Gatorade too. The added ingredients and excessive amount of sugars make it out to be not the best out there. So this video will quickly tell you how to make your own Gatorade. There are five basic ingredients in sports drinks. Obviously the first is water. Second is carbohydrates, and this is usually some combination of glucose, fructose, sucrose or maltodextrin. Glucose is moderately sweet, sucrose (a two-sugar molecule of glucose and fructose) is a little sweeter again, and fructose is very sweet. Maltodextrin is essentially a chain of glucose units joined together, and doesn’t taste sweet at all. Most sports drinks these days use a combination of maltodextrin and fructose — the maltodextrin chosen to reduce the sweetness and the fructose to take advantage of the separate channel in the gut which absorbs fructose independently to glucose. This allows more carbohydrate to be absorbed from the gut simultaneously and allows carbohydrate intakes of greater than 60g an hour to be absorbed successfully. The third ingredient is sodium (salt). Salt will reduce the sweetness of the carbohydrate (just like maltodextrin), increasing the rate of absorption from the gut and slightly increases the retention of fluid in the blood. You will pee less out if you drink more than needed. The fourth ingredient is a source of acidity such as citric acid. This will provide the characteristic 'tang' of a sports drink; you can use lemon juice or lime juice which doubles as the final ingredient: flavor. The recipe shown in the video is broken down very simply and anyone can make it: - 2 parts water - 1 part orange juice - 1 pinch of salt There are also a couple more complex recipes that you guys might want to try: Recipe #1 In a 700mL water bottle combine: - 6 level tablespoons of maltodextrin powder (or substitute some for equal amounts of glucose (dextrose) powder to make it sweeter) - 1 pinch of salt (less than ¼ teaspoon) - A squeeze of lemon or lime juice for taste (optional) - 700mL water OR - 2 level tablespoons of maltodextrin powder - 4 level tablespoons of white sugar - One pinch of salt (less than ¼ teaspoon) - Squeeze of lemon or lime juice for taste (optional) - 700mL water

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