Why I Love My IPL -

I absolutely love my Infiniti G37 IPL Coupe. This luxury minded 348hp - 3.7L engine propelled rocket is just the right mix of performance, comfort, and surprisingly - fuel economy (a computer controlled, paddle shifted 7-speed transmission is the key). Sadly - Infiniti has discontinued this car - which is sad because it's all of the performance (actually BETTER performance) than the 370Z and the creature comforts of an Infiniti G-Class. The IPL came fully loaded - the only options were two exterior and interior colors and either a manual or automatic transmission. Here's some killer IPL footage married with a song by some friends of mine - Nelson Miranda and Christian La Rocca and their band Cobra Venom - The tune is called "Whale Carcass = Shark Orgy"

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I'm a director of photography (cinema), commercial illustrator, & Nikon Professional Photographer. I'm the Founder of Summit4CAD.org - Cyclists Against Coronary Artery Disease.
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