Ground Zero (Mortar), What I Think

I couldn't have been any happier when started to review Mortar's EP. These Kolkata thrashers have absolutely thrashed the fuck out of people. Their EP sounds enormously solid. Around seventeen minutes of pure thrash. Deriving influences from heavy metal maestros along with Bay Area thrash metal and some Canadian giants, Mortar has certainly made the old school community of Kolkata, real proud. It kickstarts with the "Napalm Messiah". Every song has a touch of brilliant solos, by the guitarist, and that's what makes it all the more fantastic for the listeners to listen to! The vocals in this song is commendable, and the drums are a constant barrage of hammer. Then comes the second song of the album, "The Human Plague". This would certainly be my personal favorite song from the album. Every second and minute of this song, just finds the thrasher in me and wants rummage on with the beats. Pure old school riffing, hammering drums, monstrous vocals, beautiful solos, and all in all a feeling of some no-bullshit thrash. Next, "Ground Reality", which pumps the adrenalin down your spine, and would force you to headbang. Intense drumming, perfectly balanced riffing and a very appropriately balanced vocals. A brilliant solo smashes everybody almost at the end of the song. A brilliantly well done song. The EP comes to a grand climax with it's cover of heavy metal masters Judas Priest's "Hell Bent For Leather". You know it's going to be just superb, once you hear Nilabja screaming Leather. Just makes you want to jump in your leather jackets and sway your heads like madasses. Just a perfectly done cover by them. The guitars are just absolutely smashing in this song. And just when you think that the song's ending, it kickstarts with a bang. This cover is absolutely top-class! After listening to the whole EP, I couldn't have been more contented with the city thrashers, makes me proud of them. A brain smashing EP by Mortar, deserves all the win in the world. Their EP is priced at a very nominal amount, and everybody should absolutely buy it, and ravage themselves up with some hot served thrash. Saying this, I would want to look forward towards their future material. Oh and did you feel that there is no bassist in this band? No? That's because they have done an absolutely fantastic job! All the boys have worked very hard and produced the EP, and their future aspect look brilliantly fiery. Thank you, Mortar, for providing atleast me, with seventeen minutes of non-stop and pure thrash assault. Support & listen to keep a look out for the Bengal thrashers, as they pound you with their armor of thrash..

Hi everyone! I'm Samuele, I'm 23 and I live in Italy. I'm a musician addicted to metal, especially power, prog and all kinds of metal where some virtuoso players are. I also love poetry, Latin and Greek in particular :) Feel free to comment on my posts!!
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