11 Ways to Love Yourself for Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day can be a bit rough for any of us lonely souls out there! Whether we have a date or not, it's best NOT to mope around if the day doesn't turn out as planned! So, I came up with these 11 ways to LOVE yourself on Valentine's Day! I'm going to do some of these every day until we get to V-day. Who's with me?! 1. Do a Relationship Detox! Whether or not you're dating someone, it's good to take a few minutes to think about the relationships in your life. Find that someone toxic is still hanging around (in real life, OR just in your mind)? Take the time to let it go. It's time to get a new start on your love life. Do yourself a favor and let yourself be HAPPY by cutting them out! 2. Date Yourself You might not want to do this one ON Valentine's Day if you're anything like me, but take yourself out to do something FUN for just some one-on-one time with the wonderful you. Get that popcorn all for yourself--no ones judging! 3. Get your nails done, or go shopping, or get a massage, or do whatever it is that you consider "splurging" and never do for yourself! It's time to show you that you're worth that extra effort. Then, everyone else will see you're worth it as well. Seriously. 4. Practice Kindness! It feels great to be helped, but it also feels great to help someone! Volunteer to walk dogs, donate some clothes or food you don't need, or just do something small and nice for somebody you don't know. You'll put a smile on your face--and theirs! 5. Rent a Movie and Laugh (or Cry!!) a Lot! Depending on what kind of emotional person you are, you'll know what kind of movie you need to feel release. For me, there's nothing like a good cry, so I like watching the more sad rom-coms that induce heavy sobs so I can feel totally relieved. If you're simply a comedy kinda person, stick to the happy flicks and laugh your butt off! 6. Put on some music and DANCE! Sometimes, there's nothing to do but to have a seriously crazy dance party. Go to a room by yourself, blast the music, and get funky! You can laugh at yourself, but your endorphins will have you feeling so, so happy! 7. Take a Stellar Bath Into bath bombs yet? How about Epsom salts? Get some, and take that deep, long bath you've been dying for. If you're feeling crazy, have some wine, chocolate and play music while you're at it. Who says you can't pamper yourself? 8. Set up a Night Out With Friends! Even if you guys meet up pretty often, plan something special! If you usually hit the movies, try doing a kick boxing class. If you usually sit at home together, go out for a crazy meal and salsa dancing! Let loose and have a good time--your friends and you both deserve it! 9. Get Creative! Love painting? Writing? Singing? Whatever it is, do it for a few minutes every day this month. Even if you're not going to become the next world famous artist, you'll find a new part of yourself to love and enjoy in your daily routine. 10. Pick Yourself Up a Gorgeous Bouquet of Flowers! If you feel weird buying them, don't! Nobody has to know they're for you. Put them all over the house or apartment so that you can remember how awesome you are! The best part is, after V-day ends, bouquets will go on sale so you can keep up this habit :) 11. Go Shopping after V-day! Chocolate, wine, jewelry and flowers will allllll be sale after V-day ends, so make sure to head to the store and pick yourself up something wonderful without feeling guilty about the price tag!

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