Whiteside leads Heat to 83-75 Victory

Hassan Whiteside. Did anyone know that name last week? I am not sure that anyone outside of his family thought that this guy could play. I mean he hadn't played in college for a while. He had been drafted by Sacramenton in 2010, cut, and then played overseas in China and Lebanon. This guy, at least this week, has been the most dominating big man in the game. He has, over the past 4 games, averaged 16.5 ppts, 15.5 rebounds, 4 blocks, on .580% shooting! Those are insane numbers. Those are numbers you would expect from the Brow, not some dude who could barely cut it in Sacramento! And the most amazing thing? He is doing it against quality players. In those 4 games, he has faced Dirk Nowitzki, Tyson Chandler, and Joakim Noah. So, if you don't know the name, remember it. He might just be the steal of the year.

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