What are the best slide gloves?

Depending on what someone prefers contributes to what is the best slide glove for them but here are some things that you may want to think of for the best slide gloves. How durable is the gloves? How much will they protect your hand? How comfortable are they? Can you still do tricks that involve grabbing the board with them on? Are they stylish? Are they in my price range? I've been doing research trying to find out what the best slide gloves are and so far I'm thinking that the next time I get slide gloves they will either be blood orange or loaded or Landyachtz. Not sure yet. Maybe triple 8. My sector 9's were awful. The puck wore down so quick the glove itself wore and ripped so quickly and easily. And it wasn't all that comfortable. My holsom gloves are amazing they breathe when my hands get hot and sweaty but keep them warm when their cold. They are comfortable and I can grip the board for tricks. The only thing is that the top of the glove ripped (picture in previous post) I think the rip was just due to weak seam because I haven't even used that glove except for one time. I use the other glove more because I have been working on coleman slides and that one is holding up well. The puck hasn't been wearing fast which is good. It's supposed to smell like bacon but smells more like bacon jerky treats for dogs. But so far I love them and their great. What do you think are the best slide gloves out of what you have used? Why? If you have heard of some that are really good but you haven't used them you can comment saying what you have heard about them. But I really want to hear from people that have used them.

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