Gun Control: Somethings Gotta Give

TL;DR: A three year old reaching for an ipod from his mothers purse instead grasped and fired a concealed gun, which hit his father's butt and grazed his pregnant mother's arm. They are both recovering well. The children (there was another child in the room at the time) have been taken into care, and the parents might face negligence charges. This reminds me of the incident in December when a mom was shot and killed when her toddler got a hold of her concealed gun in a Wal-Mart. What's gotta change here? Regardless of your views on actual gun control (as in, should they be allowed to be carried or not) one thing I think we can ALL agree on is that there need to be better regulations that prevent this kind of gun neglect involving children from happening. My suggestion would be a yearly test that you have to take to keep your gun license. Still, I guess a test won't stop neglectful parents from being neglectful. But why would you let a loaded gun in arm's distance of a child?

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