Crochet Project Yarn Using T-shirts

Imagine all the fun and creative things you can do by crocheting with yarn created from old cotton t-shirts! I was just thinking about a rug I wanted to buy and noticed the $300 price tag. But then I found this cool DIY that I can do myself for a teeny tiny fraction of the cost. Attached is a video tutorial from Bao at Releve Design that explains the how-to portion for creating long continuous strands. The basics start with a plain white cotton t-shirt without side seams: 1. Fold in half length-wise (but not all the way. Leave about 2 inches) 2. Cut off the end that has been machine hemmed 3. Using a straight edge and blade, trim 1-inch strips 4. Cut all the way up to the arm seams 5. Begin to trim out the continuous yarn cutting from right to left Watch the video as it does a better job of explaining how to do this. You can always dye the strips any color you want by following the instructions on Rit dye kits. Or you could google fun ways to dye them using natural every-day products you have around the house. Since I am not a crocheting expert--I need to learn myself--I don't have any instructions on how to make hats or rugs or bags with these, though you can find them online at Let me know how your projects turn out using this t-shirt yarn method.

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