The Side Wrap Braid

Braids can get a little boring, so it's always fun to play around with texture and mix-and-match braid styles. If you don't feel like braiding all your hair or creating an updo, this side wrap braid is the perfect choice! Ready for half-up-down adventure? Here's how to style: 1. Curl your hair with an 1-inch curling iron. If you have a lot of hair, split it in sections. 2. Tease hair with a teasing comb and lightly lift your roots with the tail-end of the comb. 3. Gently brush out curls for soft waves and spritz a lightweight hold hairspray. 4. Start an inverted or “inside out” braid from the side of your hair part and braid downward until you reach the nape of your neck. Tie hair at the base of your neck with a clear elastic band — then tuck loose hair underneath and secure it with a bobby pin. 5. Spread the pleats of your braid to create a thicker look, then spray your new style with hairspray once again. Tease the remaining hair in sections and brush it out to get more bounce and volume! Tip: Try not to spray use too much hair spray because it might weigh down your hair.

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