Love is in the Hair

Remember the lovely heart-shaped braided from@HairConfetti? Here's another way to rock this shape in your hair, except it's way easier (perfect for a newbie like me)! The trick is half-twisting it into a bun. Materials: bobby pins, 2 small ponytail elastics, a comb. Instruction: 1. Start by adding a little wave to your hair. 2. put your hair half up, separating into 2 small ponytails right next to each other. 3. Twist the right ponytail in a downward motion and slide a bobby pin into the base near the ponytail holder to keep it anchored. 4. Wrap the ponytail up and over as you see in photo 4 to create the top of the heart. Keep twirling in the same direction. 5. Add bobby pins to these 3 places. 6. Repeat on the other side. 7. Add one more bobby pin at the bottom of the heart for extra security.

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