Organize a Clean Up Hike!

Since I first gathered some trash on a hike in my area, I can't get rid of the idea of doing an organized trash clean up hike. I did some reading and it seems like a lot of communities pull these together, so why not yours? A clean up hike can be about both leisure and about cleaning. It's not hard, you can still have an enjoyable hike, and things will look a bit nicer the next time you hit the trails! These are just some ideas I've had of how to gather a group to get cleaning. - Contact that trails appropriate organization and ask them if they have any organized trash hikes. Ask to get involved. - Organize a "Children's Day" where they can get involved doing the cleaning - Do a family outing! Make it a big event! - Set up an event on a site like meetup for the event. Gather those who love hiking and helping the environment - Do you have a book club, or some other kind of club? Make a day of it! - Set a day up with your coworkers There's so many ways to do this: just do it!!

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