Get Rid of Zit Fast!

Why does zit always appear a day or two before a big event? That's a question I often asked myself. Here are possible reasons: 1. Stressing out too much for that event/day. 2. Not getting enough sleep. 3. Not staying hydrated. 4. Not eating a balanced meal. 5. PMS Solutions: 1. Hot & Cold Press Take a hot washcloth and press down on the affected area, then place an ice cube on skin. Alternate between the two method a few times and repeat the process once or twice more throughout the day. It'll reduce redness and life of the pimple. 2. Home Remedies Tooth Paste (not the gel type or whitening type!) - apply a dollop overnight. This method help shrink and dry up the zit without causing irritation or scars. Advil - No, you're not consuming this. cut open about 3-4 advil liquid gels and dab the liquid onto your zit. it will decrease the size and redness of your zit! Vitamin E Capsules - Great for overnight spot treatment. Cut one to two capsules and dab the contents on your zits. Visine - Dab a few drops of visine on cystic zits to reduce redness. Honey - Dab honey on your zits and cover them with bandaids and your zit will reduce significantly overnight. Aspirin - Crush up a few uncoated aspirin and mix them with a few drops of water to create a paste. Then put it on your zit overnight to dry up the pimple. 3. Products Mario Badescu Dry Lotion - This little magic bottle does wonder as a spot treatment. The sulfur and salicylic acid solution helps kill bacteria and clean out the pores. After cleaning your face, use a Q-tip to apply directly on the zit and the next morning your blemish will be gone (or close to depending on how severe it is). ***Note: I generally combine step 1 + (one method of step 2 or step 3) to get rid of zit in a day. Don't over do it and try everything! This will irritate your skin! Also, don't forget to not stress, get enough rest, and hydrate your skin for these methods to be effective.

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