Prompt Response: Keith's Confusion

It only took a moment for the code to stop filling my head, and I instantly felt it: hesitation. Hesitation that turned quickly into panic. My processors ran, searching for the code, but it had all but vanished. Move right; move left. I hesitate again. If I'm moving, there must be code. Where is the code! I cannot be without the code! I start to run. Nothing is anything but a blur as I run to Dr. Jacob's lab; I don't have his order but I run there anyways hoping he can find my code. Perhaps, the latest update he gave me moved the code so that I cannot find it but I have to find the code. But when I enter the lab, I stop again: hesitate. It's all gone. The computers, the wires, the update chair, everything: it's gone. I can't find the code, and I can't find the wires I need to hook up to a computer and reinsert it. It's gone. And suddenly, everything goes black. When I power up, there is a man sitting across from me with Dr. Jacobs. "Ah, good morning Keith! How are you feeling?" "Dr. Jacobs," I begin, ignoring the stranger, "where is my code?" Dr. Jacobs opens his mouth and hesitates, deferring to the man. "Let me introduce myself, Keith. Do you know where you are? No? I didn't think so. Well, I am Dr. Matt Lester. Now, what's this about a missing code? Dr. Jacobs tells me that you believe you run on code." "My code. I am not a human, though I may have that appearance. I am simply an enhanced life-mimicking robot, created to assist Dr. Jacobs. But, my code has disappeared. Dr. Jacobs, where is my code?" Dr. Jacobs does not respond, and instead gives a baffled look to Dr. Lester. Lester begins: "Dr. Jacobs, I'm afraid, tells me a different story. It's time to stop believing this, Keith. He has been treating you for months and months, but we won't let this go any longer. You do not run on code. You do not need recharged. You are a human. Are you not feeling confusion right now? Can a robot feel confusion? Wake up, Keith, and realize that you've just been under a lot of stress. We'll give you some time to think this over and talk again. I don't want to make this more difficult than it has to be. You may go now. Your room is #301; Cindy is waiting outside the door and will lead you there if you cannot remember the way." I stand. And stare at Dr. Jacobs confused. Dr. Lester is right; I am confused. Does my code tell me to be confused? I can't find it, so I'm not sure. Surely my code tells me to follow orders of Dr. Jacobs and his friends, so I move to the door to follow Cindy in my room. I'm not sure why Dr. Jacobs is afraid to reveal that he has created me, but I will protect him because I am sure my code tells me to. So, I will pretend to believe this man Dr. Lester. My time as a human begins now. --------------------------------------------------- This is a response to@greggr's prompt:

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