Ladies, Have You Tried Shaving Your Face?

Facial shaving seems like the latest beauty trend for women. They got this idea from examining the men's grooming habit. Apparently, men gets fewer wrinkles because they are constantly exfoliating their faces every time they shave. This process helps get rid of dead tissues from the outer epidermis and encourage a new layer of skin to grow. I don't know if this method is for everyone but I have a friend who shaves her face and she swears it helps keep her skin smooth and blemish-free. I also done some research and found out Kate Somerville, Marilyn Monroe and Cleopatra was a proponent of facial shaving, so this method is not new! However, the reason why it rose to popularity might be due to the fact women are paying more attention to anti-aging procedures that can extend their youth. Is it effect and how does it work? I never tried facial shaving so I don't know what are the advantage or disadvantage of this method. However, I asked my friend who shave and she said that it's better a better option than waxing your upper lips. She used to wax her upper lips to get rid of her peach fuzz, but she nows shaves to get smooth skin. In addition to removing those baby hairs, it also helps products absorb into her skin better. To ensure you don't get cut, she suggest investing in a good razor (an eyebrow razor is what she uses). I'm still a little hesitant trying this even though I heard so many good stuff of about it. So I'm just wondering have you tried shaving your face?

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