$13 Rustic Bridal Bouquet

Technically, it's only $12.29. Oh, and it's faux--not real. I discovered Afloral.com and need you to check this out because this is where you are going to find incredible florals that will help you stick to your budget. And with bridal bouquets under $13 think of all the other ways you can save money. I want 2015 brides to do something different this year: stick to your budget. Even better, don't begin your new life as a couple entangled in matrimony debt. What would Suze Orman say? Trick: By including just a couple real flowers to the mix, you'll be able to give the illusion that the whole bouquet is fresh without the $200 price tag. If you're not too bashful, I would love to hear how many brides are going to go faux or would consider it for their wedding.

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