Content-aware: Livia Marinescu

Lenscratch is doing a new series that varies from their typical posts, it's called Content-Aware. The posts present 5 dynamic images every Sunday. A new artist is selected every week and the object of the post is to encourage you to be intrigued enough by the photographs to want to see more. Here is an excerpt about the artist: Livia Marinescu is a visual artist originally from Bucharest, Romania. She works with photography and video on the themes of healing, memory, and identity. Livia has recently completed an MA in Art History at the University of St Andrews. She has written for and collaborated with publications such as Stereoscope Magazine, Ethnographic Encounters, igloo, Pulp Review, and others. The photographic practice is her way of making or finding a home in the world.

Business student, photographer, and music buff.
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