TransAsia Flight Update: Pilots Remembered As Heroes

Yesterday I posted about a plane crash that happened to a TransAsia flight, and at the time only 8 people were confirmed dead. That number has unfortunately continued to rise higher and higher... At least 32 people are dead and 11 are missing. While this is a really sad story to keep reading about (and yet, I can't stop), it's amazing to hear that the pilot and co-pilots actions may have saved more people, as the plane (check out the video) narrowly missed hitting some high rise buildings before clipping a taxi and landing in a river. Both pilots passed away in the crash, but more fatalities would have surely occurred had the plane hit any buildings. Another amazing story out of this: check out the second video. A toddler (and his parents) all survived the crash, but the toddler was unconscious after being underwater. He was resuscitated and is expected to make a full recovery. Keep the families of those wounded and killed in mind today. I hope that we see a decline, not a rise, in the number of this kind of accident soon.

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