Man Filed Complaint Against TSA Arrested

A 58 year old runner and architect, Roger Vanderklok, was held for 20 hours without the ability to call his wife, or do much of anything, with no explanation after asking how to file a complaint against the TSA supervisor who searched his bag of energy bars and sports watch. Basically, he felt he had not been treated right, so he wanted to file a complaint, and the supervisor put him into holding. According to the supervisor's report, Vanderklok issued a verbal threat against him.

Regardless of if a verbal threat was issued or not, is TSA getting too much power? There was a similar situation at an airport where a young man was held for hours after it was found that he had Arabic flashcards in his pocket that included the word "kill." I understand taking realistic precautions, but arresting a man because he wanted to file a complaint? Arresting a boy for having Arabic flash cards? It's too much.

How can we keep the TSA powerful enough to protect the air without having too much power?

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