Kim Hyun Joong shows off his great sens of humor on a Chinese variety show

Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong recently appeared on a Chinese variety show and the tickets for the show cost 610,000 won per each from scalpers. On November 1, Kim appeared on the most popular variety show in China Que-Rak-Dae-Bon-Young (Happy Camp). Even though the show is for free, his high popularity created expensive tickets from the black market. While shooting the show, Kim created happy atmosphere on the set by wearing a big ribbon and funny sunglasses. Several local media outlets and fans praised him, “Kim was shining as a professional entertainer and we were impressed.” Although the tickets for the show are free, some tickets were on sale in the black market. A local media outlet says, “The tickets from scalpers were 3,500 yuan (610,000 won) per each. Lee Min Ho and Jang Keun Suk previously appeared on the show, but the price for the tickets were not this high.”

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