John J Pate.

John J Pate. No one really used his name it was always "That man!" or "he did it!". Even though he never did. He was buff and had a mean like criminal face. But he was a nice guy he never did anything had a nice family and he had really good children also. But he was always blamed for the crime. He was tired of it. All of his rage built up. He left a note to his family saying that he loves them and he might come back. But he knew he wouldn't no matter what because, now he faces life as a criminal that everyone thought he was. He went and that night he faked his death so know would blame him for his crimes that he was about to do. He was a good man. Watch out for John J Pate he just might be a man sitting on a park bench or something casual that no one would expect till it all happens. THANKS FOR READING!!! Please comment suggestions for next writing!

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