Tiny-G is Disbanding?

Apparently Dohee of Tiny-G is preparing to leave the group to pursue her acting career. She was thrown into stardom thanks to her role in Reply 1994, and just hasn't been able to get into singing since.

An music industry source stated, “After her [Dohee] debut as an actress, a career as a singer has left her mind completely. Recently, she refused to continue her participation in group activities. Tiny-G seemed to become an obligation than something she wanted.”

Another music official confirmed Dohee’s departure saying, “She has been distancing herself from the other members of Tiny-G. Things began to change after she received a great deal of attention as an actress rather than a singer.”

I really like Tiny-G and I don't want to see them disband so I am really sad to hear about Dohee's attitude/choice to leave :/

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