5 Valentines Day Ideas for Him

Are you wondering valentines day ideas for him? I think every Valentine, every girl wants to something special and new for their men! Especially for those of you who do not want to give just the same old “chocolate” to your men! And for those of you who has been in a relationship for a long time, I know that you don’t want to give him the same thing you save him last Valentine’s Day! So, today I wanted to share 5 amazing Valentine’s Day ideas for “him”! I have even brought ideas where you don’t need much money^.~1.”YOU OWN SPECIAL COUPONS” FOR HIMCoupons?! Give him literally coupons?! No silly! This is what I used to give my ex boyfriend when I didn’t have much money for our anniversary! But he really loved it and he said it was so creative of me! He really enjoyed it everytime he used each coupon! You must try this for Valentine’s Day or for any other anniversaries. The coupons will be titled, “A romantic weekend get away, “a home made steak dinner, “1hour massage,” “please clean my room,” and so on! Be creative! Make up any coupons that you would like to give your boyfriend, because you know what he likes the best! (My ex especially liked “1hour massage” and “please clean my room”) Every time they use their coupons, they will surely love it!2.”NEW MAKE OVER” GIFT FOR HIMThis will cost you a little, it just depends where you are going to shop! You are going to buy him an underwear, socks, t-shirt, pants, sweater or jacket or whatever you choose for your boyfriend! The point here is that you get him not what he wears all the time but you choose a different style, a new make over, that you want to give him! (But, you have to be careful not to go too far! If he is totally casual, please don’t get give him a “grunge” style) And another point here is you have to buy not just 1 item but at least 2-3 to make them feel like they got a lots of gifts! So choose items that’s not too expensive like, socks and underwear and a t-shirt!3.”ROMANTIC AND SEXY” GIFT FOR HIMLingerie, candles, music, chocolate, wine! Do I need to say anything more? Yes! It’s a perfect “Romantic and Sexy” gift for a perfect Valentine’s Day! I’m sure that this might be #1 for what all men would want! And the lingerie is not for him, you know that right? Of course! You can wear it and have a romantic Valentine’s Day with your man with candles, music, and some red wine chocolate! Wow! Sounds like a perfect romantic night for you two love birds!(I want to recommend a hot red lingerie for this special day)4.”COSMETIC GIFT” FOR HIMI think men love it when you buy them cosmetics because some men are still kind of shy and both clueless on what to buy for themselves! They don’t know what is a really good product and they are not sure what their skin type is and they sure don’t know what they need! Not all men are like that, many men take care of themselves well these days but my ex always came to me for advices about cosmetics! And he was right, I know better! I think this fit will be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriends!

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