Red Light Runner Hits S2000

A guy posted this video online after he was accused of running a red light and hitting another vehicle. This video proves otherwise.

Here is the driver's account of the story: "I was on my way home from school. I cross the intersection and see the van coming but I thought she was going to make a right turn. As soon as she crossed the white line I realize she's not going to stop. I brake and turn trying to avoid her and instinctively honk my horn. The next thing I remember was turning and seeing her car slide into the median divider. Withing 20 sec the police arrive and talk to her. I make my way to the van where the police are. The officer ask " can you tell me what happened? she says she had a green light and they you ran it." I pulled the officer to the side and told him I had the crash on video to see if the lady would keep lying. As soon as I showed him the video he started writing her tickets.

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