What Boy Band Concept Are You?

What boy band concept are you? Take the quiz to find out!

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Points 5-8: B1A4 'Tried to Walk'

You are sensitive, romantic, and loyal when it comes to love. You often hide your emotions and act like everything is okay no matter what you're going through. You don't like big changes in life, but when something has to be done you will do the right thing no matter what.

Points 9-13: Infinite 'Man in Love'

You are always fall head-over-heels in love - with you there is no "I sort of like this person..." it is all or nothing. You put love first in every situation in life and you are definitely a strong believer in love at first sight.

Points 14-18: TVXQ 'Balloons'

You will never, ever grow up. You are the mood maker of your friend group and never fail to light up a room when you walk in. You appreciate the small things in life and still get excited about the tiniest things like little kids do. You can cheer anyone up!

Points 19 - 21: VIXX 'Hyde'

Don't take this the wrong way, but you're a little crazy...When you fall in love you fall WAY in. You have a spilt personality where you can be happy and charming one second, and moody and grumpy the next. But no matter what mood you're in, you love with all of your heart, making you a great friend and lover.

Points 22-25: EXO 'Wolf'

You are the definition of loyal. Be it your friends, family, or true love, you will literally risk everything you have to keep them safe. You might come on a little strong when it comes to defending those you care about but that is what makes you the best person to have around to feel safe and loved.

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