Korean Traditional Sweets: Sweet Deep-Fried Rice Puffs

Crispy Crunchy Gangjeong

Gangjeong (sweet deep-fried rice puffs) is notoriously difficult to make. Sweet rice powder is mixed with liquor and honey and steamed. A small amount of honey is added once again, they are cut into slices one half centimeter thick, three centimeters long and one half a centimeter wide, and then left to dry in the shade.

After soaking in liquor overnight, they are dried and deep-fried in oil. Fried Gangjeongs are coated in grain syrup and then coated with other ingredients such as beans or sesame seeds. As demonstrated by the popular phrase ‘hollow Gangjeong,’ well-made Gangeong is deep-fried until it puffs up and becomes airy in the center. Gangjeong is naturally healthy, as it uses medicinal herbs and natural ingredients. For instance, the puffed cereal coating of Gangjeong may be dyed pink with gromwell (Jicho), yellow with pine pollen, or brown with cinnamon powder.

[ Story: Korea Food Foundation]

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