How to Vingle #4 - Remake

On each card, there is a button where two cards overlap each other. If you press the button, a new window will appear where you can compose and remake your new card while looking/referring to the original card. At this point, the original photos or video are still attached with the card draft. However, you can modify, add, or delete them depending on your intent. You can also modify your chosen language and the parties as well. You can use "Remake" instead of "add a card" if you want to borrow all or part of the content of an existing card. You can remake a card a) when you think it is necessary to have a separate discussion thread in another language. You can translate/interpret/localize an existing card into other languages and help people to communicate in their native language (eg. English card in Cats party => Spanish card in Cats) b) when you want to start a different discussion thread with a different perspective in a different party while still borrowing some information from the original card. (eg. English card in Quote party => Korean card in Learn English party. In this case, you have to re-modify the selected party names in the new card. In other words, since your card should be exposed in the "Learn English” party rather than the “Quote” party, you have to remove "Quote" and input "Learn English" in your card because people who joined “Quote” party will not want to receive cards about “learning English”.) Check the "Remakes" under each card and you can see how the original content has spread in different perspectives or in different languages. This feature is built to create a tunnel through which people can interact with people from different countries or with different perspectives while giving credit to the original content’s author. [Remake or Clip?] Vingle doesn't consider remade cards as the same as the original cards. This means that Vingle shows both original and remade cards to the followers of a particular party. Thus, if your remade card doesn't have a big difference from the original card, your card becomes a duplicate of the original card. On the other hand, clipping a card doesn't create a new card. Even if you clipped a card from a particular Party to share it with your followers and one of your followers has already subscribed the same party, he/she doesn't see the two same cards; your other followers, however, those who haven't subscribed to the party, will see the card thanks to your clip. In sum, Clipping is better than Remaking if you simply want to share a card with your followers in that - you can keep catching up with discussions among people who have same interest - you don't have to be labeled as a duplicate creator, which will eventually ruin your reputation in the party - you don't have to bombard your followers with same content, which will eventually make them quit following you. ........................................................................................................................... [More Vingle tips] * How to Vingle #1 Starting Vingle : * How to Vingle #2 Start to Vingle : * How to Vingle #3 Add a Card :

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