Fast and perfect with a ponytail

The ponytail just keeps coming back every season, and why wouldn't it; you can wear it low or high, parted or slicked back, super sleek or messy, there is just a number of options to go around. The best feature is that it's just SO easy to do it yourself. It's perfect for winter weather and for when you're in a hurry (which I think everyone is pretty much everyday). It's great for showing strong make up, such as smoky eyes or flawless red lips and black eyeliner. For s super sleek finish- my personal favorite- use styling product starting at the top of your locks, then comb and pull back. Finish with a little hairspray to prevent any flyways. If you have a little more time, I love to take a strand of hair around the band and just secure with a bobby pin for a super neat look.

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