Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won Bring up the Energy on ′The King 2Hearts′ Set

Despite the rough and grueling shooting schedule of their drama, Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won are showing they’re still more than enjoying their time on set. The production crew of MBC’s The King 2Hearts has unveiled pictures of the two actors in between shooting. Despite the physical, mental and emotional toll the strenuous shooting is sure to take on the actors, the two are showing they are acting as ‘happy icons’ for the cast and crew. In on set of pictures, Lee Seung Gi is snapped while he steps into the camera man′s shoes to film the set. Another picture shows Ha Ji Won, in between shooting a scene in a car, yelling at Lee Seung Gi, “Hey~ get in!” Lee Seung Gi proves his helpfulness in another picture as he helps the staff release cherry blossom petals for a scene and Ha Ji Won flashes a victory sign above an amusement park ride during a scene. Regarding the two ‘happy icons’, the production agency said, “Even within their difficult shooting schedule, Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi have not lost their laughter and continue to provide a happy environment on set. As the two have become close the two joke around and share their humor on set, helping to release the stress of the staff. The two are bringing vital energy to the staff with their bright smiles” Src: enewsworld.mnet.com

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