Have you noticed...


Have you noticed Netflix has added some Korean dramas lately? *Some may have already been on there. I don't recall XD

It's Okay That's Love

Loved this drama to pieces! I recommend you watch it if you haven't already...or watch it again if you have time (;

*Oh, and if you're a fan of EXO or Running Man, D.O and Giraffe are in it. Go Go Go.

Angel Eyes

I don't know why Lee Sang Yoon reminds me of Jet Li XD I have not watched this drama but I just might have to because I loved him in Liar Game.

*Have you seen this drama already? Did you guys like it?


Coffee Prince

Of all the dramas I've seen I think she has the best tomboy role. It's cute, funny, sad, and aggravating. <3 Both the lead actors have such great chemistry together it's hard not to love them.

*Yeah, that last picture isn't from the drama but that's not important XD

Gu Family Book

I have not seen this drama. But, I love both of these actors! On my watch list (;

*What did you think of this drama? Were you satisfied?

Cunning Single Lady

Man! Joo Sang-wook really delivers. Is there a drama where he's not good in and where you don't absolutely love him?! Their chemistry is also superb. I love them both <3 I suggest you watch this...and Birth of a Beauty..which isn't on Netflix );

*Um, you may or may not appreciate those last two pictures -wink wink nudge nudge-

Good Doctor

What do you say, guys? Should I watch this drama? I added it to my queue but I don't know when I'll get to it XD

Doctor Stranger

Another I have yet to watch. How's the chemistry among the actors? Would you watch it again?

The Great Queen Seondeok

I don't really watch historical dramas. Lol Should I make the exception?

K-Pop Extreme Survival

I have honestly never heard of this one. Lol Have you? Let me know if I am missing out (;

In love with Korean culture + obsessed with BIGBANG! ❤️✨ I also indulge in nail art from time to time. Oh, and my name is Angie (: *Memes/music are not mine unless stated otherwise
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