That Psycho Feeling

     A little girl who wanted help and save people, her name was Jennifer Jennette Jennocey. She was tall with pale skin and black hair, she was tall and joyful. She always said I want to help people, her parents always thought " Oh she will become a doctor, vet, psychologist. Whatever she is Jenny will do great at it." By the time Jenny was 13 her she did what people never thought. She killed. Not a person, a cat. Her parents thought it led a path to more than killing cats. They thought it can lead on to people. After the next 3 days in the in "Loon Bin" Jennifer's parents sent her to she met up with her psychologist. The psychologist introduced her self, " Hi I'm Dr. Anne Alph. Don't be scared I'm here to help you." Jennifer wasn't scared just nervous that Dr. Alph would shove pills down her throat too. Halfway through the session Dr. Alph asked her,"How did it feel when you murdered that cat?" Jennifer smiled and then answered clearly," I'm pretty sure it was that psycho feeling you know, it was sweet and sour. I know I was doing something wrong but it felt so right to help that cat." Jennifer twitched. Dr. Alph asked scared bit sternly " HELPED!?" "Now I'm going to help you out of this harsh world." Jennifer answered. That was last I saw of my Mom, Dr Anne Alph. And that girl Jennifer. Now I'm on a quest to her scream like my mother did in the security tape. I'm coming for you Jennifer Jennette Jennocey. So you better watch out if you hear the name Ally Alph.

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